What is the basic requirement to start web development from the beginning?

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Nowadays every student is eager to learn how to develop a website? what is the basic requirement to start web development from the beginning?  If you have all these questions always in your mind then you are in the right place. In this blog, I am going to discuss all these matters in detail.

We can categorize web development into two parts concerning the development languages
  1. Server-side language: It is known as backend language such as PHP, Codeigniter, Laravel, NodeJs, Django, etc.
  2.  Client-side language: It is known as frontend language such as Javascript, AJAX, JQUERY, Angular js, React js, etc. Frontend languages are what we see as a user on a computer /mobile screen. For designing, we use HTML, CSS and there are several frameworks like Bootstrap, Materialize, etc. 

So, you have to learn both sides. As a beginner, you can start from  HTML and  CSS from the following link click here. If you already know then you can start learning backend development such and PHP from this website and we have a youtube channel also you can learn as a beginner from there.

So, To start from the basics you have to install two things. First, you have to install Xampp local server click here for your respective operating system. The second thing you have to do is install a text-editor. There are several text-editor available, I personally prefer to download the sublime text version 3.

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